Great New Tool for Reducing Distractions

If you’re addicted to email, you probably know that not every message is truly urgent. What if there was a way for those truly urgent messages to get to you, even when you are not checking your email? I just found out about AwayFind, which is a free (for now) service that lets people send… READ MORE

Don’t Multitask!

Great NPR Series on Multitasking People often ask me about multitasking – how to do more at once, how to get more done, etc. I’m a firm believer that multitasking just doesn’t work, at least on the tasks that are a  priority for us. We need to focus in order to do our best work,… READ MORE

Terminating Your Tolerations

Four Steps for Minimizing Life’s Little (and Big!) Annoyances   Irritated. Annoyed. Frustrated. Do these words describe your daily life? If so, chances are you are putting up with a lot of tolerations – things that irk you regularly, but that consciously or unconsciously you have decided get to be a part of your life…. READ MORE

3 Top Tips for Dealing with Noise Pollution in Your Home Office

By choosing the right music and strategizing how to cancel out excess noise, you can become less distracted and more productive in your home office.

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