Manage Your Passwords with LastPass

Given some high-profile security breaches, securing your passwords and keeping them managed is critical. Here’s how.

Who Exactly Scans Your Documents at Online Scanning Services?

Who are the people that handle your documents when you send them to online services?

Maintain Your Technology Systems

Maintaining technology and electronic files is just as important as organizing hard paper files.

Free Webinar – Master Your Paperless World

Learn the right ways to go paperless – the tips, tricks, and tools to turn your paper piles into digital files! Sponsored by

Consolidate Your Social Media Messaging

Get your social media notifications under control with NutshellMail, which consolidates your messages into one daily digest.

3 Steps to Going Paperless

Digitizing and scanning your papers can free up space and make finding your information easier. Here’s three ideas for how to get started.

Do You Use a Content Aggregator?

Using online tools to centralize your feeds and articles can save you time and make reading your content more enjoyable.

How to Centralize Multiple Contact Databases

See how centralizing your lists of contacts to one database can benefit you and save time.

Getting Paper Documents into Google Docs

Google Docs is a great service which lets you keep store, share, and edit your key documents online. But if you have paper documents, it’s been hard to get them online and into your Google Docs repository – until now. Enter ScanDrop, a new app from the folks at OfficeDrop. Working with the scanner you… READ MORE

Reducing Paper Clutter

We’ve got way to go to reach the paperless future shown in The Jetsons and Star Trek. During the course of daily life, many of us are faced with a deluge of paper, all of which needs to be dealt with in some way. Many people I’ve worked with are drowning in stacks, piles, and… READ MORE

Top Back-to-School Gadgets (for Adults Too!)

Ok, so I admit it – I love gadgets. If it has buttons, batteries, or an LCD screen, it’s probably for me! These days, everyone has a gadget of some sort. If you’re sending someone off to school this fall and they need some new tech, it can be hard to separate the gadget wheat… READ MORE

Easy Ways to Backup Your Data

I can’t stress enough how important it is to back up any information you have on the computers that your family uses. If you’re backing up to a CD or a flash drive once in awhile, that’s a start – but there’s an easier way. What I recommend to my organizing clients now is that… READ MORE

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