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Company Responsibility


At Custom Living Solutions, we are committed to the success of entrepreneurs, both locally and globally. To help the entrepreneurial community thrive, we:

  • Volunteer and teach classes in our local community to professional groups, associations, and the Small Business Administration and Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
  • Offer a wealth of no-cost resources, including articles, videos, and more

We are also dedicated to environmental awareness in our organizing and productivity work, both with our clients and internally. Custom Living Solutions is a San Francisco Registered Green Businesses ( – a rigorous designation.

Among our green policies:

  • Offer to recycle small electronics for our clients – and we cover the cost
  • Educate clients on easy ways they can improve their own green policies at work and at home
  • Use local vendors whenever possible both internally and for our clients
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle and compost in our own offices
  • Walk or take public transportation whenever possible, and drive our Prius when one of the other options isn’t possible

310 Townsend Street, #308
San Francisco CA 94107

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