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Commercial Offices

commercial office organization Overwhelmed by paper, this professional wanted to get rid of the piles, clear the workspace, and be able to easily find and retrieve information. Custom Living Solutions worked with the client to sort through the piles and created an easy-to-use paper management system. Now the information they need is close at hand!
commercial office organization Key Results
  • Clear, professional workspace
  • Able to find documents at a moment’s notice
  • Reduced stress



commercial office organization Mystery piles were about to overwhelm this busy professional’s desk. Ready for a change, CLS was asked to help sort through the mess and create some effective systems. We created a paper management system to help get the paper under control. Now there’s spaces for both client-related, financial, and administrative documents, making this professional much more productive.
commercial office organization Key Results
  • Effective document management systems
  • Quick retrieval of previous projects
  • Increased capacity for additional projects



commercial office organization It’s tough to get work done when you can’t see your desk – or your floor. Completely overwhelmed, this IT support staff member asked for help managing their workspace – all the tech tools, resource guides, binders, and their schedule. CLS worked with them to clear out the clutter and create effective systems for getting control of their workspace and their calendar.
commercial office organization Key Results
  • Dramatically reduced clutter
  • Better able to manage equipment and information
  • Enhanced task and time management
  • No longer embarrassed by workspace



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