Joan Lasselle | Lasselle-Ramsay

Kate Glenn | The Glenn Law Group

Michelle Schubnel | Coach and Grow R.I.C.H.

Sydni Craig-Hart | Smart Simple Marketing

Laura Kinley | Multimedia Project Manager

Julia Thoron | Volunteer

Bruce Gold | Entrepreneur

Jill Wolcott | Y2Knit

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person, but have really expanded my business within the last year and realized that my makeshift systems weren’t going to serve the bigger, bolder version of my coaching and consulting company. I realized that to be more productive, more profitable and save my sanity, I really needed expert help!

I had actually considered hiring Custom Living Solutions a couple of years ago, but decided against it because I found another vendor who was less expensive. That turned out to be a HUGE mistake. The person I hired was lovely, but them time we spent together was a complete waste. I as no closer to my goals and hadn’t even made a dent in really getting my home office streamlined the way I wanted it.

I decided to bite the bullet, pay the money and hire Custom Living Solutions to help me. I have very specific goals: 1) de-clutter my office and eliminate all unnecessary paper, 2) create systems to help me work more efficiently and delegate to my team and 3) to streamline my operations so that I would STAY organized, not waste time looking for things and have the clarity and focus to grow my business.

I have REALLY high standards in what expect in other professional service providers and my experience in working with Custom Living Solutions has been extraordinary, far better than I could have imagined. He arrives promptly and prepared for every appointment. Josh and Custom Living Solutions has helped me to create an entire operations manual for my business AND my home, which saves me HOURS of time an needless frustration every single day. My office is now 75% paperless. I have organized systems and files for managing my clients and projects. I finally feel in control of my business which is FABULOUS!

The best part about working with Josh and Custom Living Solutions has been watching my business explode as a result. During the time that I have worked with Josh:

  • I earned $150,000 of revenue in JUST six months
  • Launched 5 group coaching/training programs
  • Have worked with well over 100 NEW clients
  • Have hired and trained a brand new team of virtual contractors
  • Have created at LEAST an extra 3-5 hours each day to work on my business and serve my clients
  • Developed an entirely new series of products for my training business
  • Generated countless leads for my business because of speaking opportunities that I’ve been able to take advantage of
  • The list goes on…

I absolutely would NOT have enjoyed all of these successes, had I not been working with Josh and Custom Living Solutions. He’s keep me focused, on task and helped me eliminate the crushing overwhelm I was facing before I hired him. Working with him has, by far, been one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur. I can’t imagine not having access to his expertise.

If you are thinking about working with Josh and Custom Living Solutions, stop thinking about it and just do it! Your business, your life and your stress level will never be the same!

Sydni Craig-Hart | Smart Simple Marketing

CLS is great at what they do! It goes without saying that they can organize your home and/or office (or any other facility for that matter). But they go beyond file folders and shelves. CLS empowers people with better strategies, improved living/working habits, and encouragement for how to remove the clutter from their lives. They’ll help you be happier.

Korin Crawford | President | Bubble Media Inc.

Josh from Custom Living Solutions was exactly what I needed: an exceptionally patient, focused, nonjudgmental, pleasant and professional guide through the anxiety-ridden process of putting my life in order. Making the decision to get help becoming organized is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

K.S. | Small Business Owner

The office organization is working out really well! The bookkeeper LOVES it, she says my office is the best place to work out of 20 other clients.

Rebecca Fulton | Paragon Remodel

Custom Living Solutions was exactly what I needed – someone to give me the courage to get organized.

Diane Richwine | Oakland

Custom Living Solutions and Josh Zerkel designed and helped me to implement a custom infrastructure for all my personal and business related papers, emails and important files. He has helped me lay an efficient foundation from which I can more easily expand my business.

Richard Turtletaub | Illustrator

Josh provided steady, reassuring help in sorting through generations of clutter and in helping me streamline my home work space. His manner is professional, reliable, and unflappable. He was also a great help in sorting out and organizing computer files and glitches. I highly recommend his services.

Lindsey Crittenden | Writer

I was inspired to get some help with my organizing after I read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. Even though I’m inherently prone to organizing in general, when it comes to my stuff, I lack objectivity. I just couldn’t tame the beast. Josh was a great resource. He offered an objective assessment of what was needed, room-by-room. Easy to follow and simply organized, his action plan was what I needed to identify next steps to eliminate the clutter in my life — or at least, my apartment.

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional organizer, chances are you need one. And Josh is a good one. Professional, courteous and businesslike, he did the job. With my new clutter-free environment, I’m on my way toward Getting Things Done.

C.R. | San Francisco

I highly recommend Custom Living Solutions. This has honestly been one of the best investments I have ever made. Throughout my whole life, I have had problems with extreme clutter and messiness (and the accompanying shame) Josh has been very supportive and non-judgmental. I was overwhelmed before we started, but Josh used strategies which broke up the process, and made it feel do-able. He had a lot of really helpful ideas about organizing my financial papers. My place feels so much more peaceful now.

M.C. | Oakland

After living in the same apartment for almost 30 years and having nostalgically and optimistically attempted to absorb several generations of family mementos into an already cluttered home, I was feeling very frustrated and at a loss about how to proceed. I’ve tried working with an organizer before with indifferent results – I felt that she was more interested in analyzing me than in helping me.

Josh is a calm, sympathetic and encouraging co-worker and he always seems to see a way to help me cut through my confusion and trouble prioritizing. He’s non-judgmental and has a clear vision of how my life can become comfortable and manageable. He’s patient and focuses on the positive and has helped me feel like there’s light at the end of the cluttered tunnel. Plus he knows good resources for people like me who like to see things donated so that they continue their useful lives instead of turning into landfill.

Josh also works actively to participate in the various associations of organizers who are helping to create a set of standards, tests and licensing to protect the consumers who need to be able to trust the organizers who come into their homes and businesses.

I feel lucky to be able to work with Josh and look forward to more productive sessions with him.

A.G. | San Francisco

I called Josh at Custom Living Solutions several months ago after having recently moved from LA. While my brain has always been organized, every room in my house was in varying degrees of disarray. While I had some vague ideas of what I wanted to do, the task of “organizing” it seemed overwhelming. Josh came in with a positive and gentle yet professional attitude and made it all seem so achievable. I now have a beautiful office, well organized with a filing system that really works. I was so pleased with his help in my home office; I enlisted his help with a storage unit, a laundry/tool closet, bedroom closet, and the kitchen. He always arrived on time; listened carefully, made sure he understood my goal, made a plan and translated it into small efficient (cost effective) tasks. Not only did he manage the organizational tasks but he managed them with consideration and understanding of the emotions associated with the “organizing” process. I cannot imagine acquiring and new space in the future else unless Josh is there to lend some Custom Living Solutions.

Janet Fjeldstad | Personal Coach and Small Business Consultant

Josh is awesome! We tackled a huge storage unit with furniture, art supplies, files, and years worth of paraphernalia. The task seemed daunting but with each box, Josh was able to ask pertinent questions which helped me make decisive choices. In addition, he provided recourses for trash removal, file shredding services and great donation options—everyone benefited. All this was accomplished in three days, Wow.

Karen Watson | San Francisco

Joshua was very professional and came up with an excellent plan for me to better organize and utilize my living space. I would highly recommend him.

C.N. | Oakland

The benefits of Josh’s work is not just that I now have a logical and simple organizing system for my computer files, emails and paper. Nor it is that I am becoming more productive. It’s the gain in my own self-respect for taking action on an old bug-bear. Josh is patient and brilliant.

Leng Lim | Personal Coach

I work in a very small office, and before Joshua came to help me, my important projects were in cardboard boxes on the floor, my office supplies literally spilled onto the floor, and the tiny space was cluttered with various electronic externals like a printer, a copier, a fax.

In 2 hours, he suggested things that are changing my work life. Perhaps most importantly, he opened my eyes. As a journalist who is easily distracted, I am more productive already, and I can see how much more productive and happy I will be in my space I will be when this process is finished.

Katy Butler | Writer

I have always considered myself a fairly organized person, but I was plagued with the constant state of losing bills, forgetting where I filed something or not having a place to put the paper to begin with. Josh came up with very simple, yet effective solutions for me—without having to spend a lot of money. Now, I happily sit at my desk, open the file drawers and can find anything at a moment’s notice. For the first time, I am not distracted by the post-it notes falling off my computer or small pieces of paper that always seem to live on my desk (or on any surface that is in my home)!

The best part is the new desktop file box where all those stray papers can go until they find their final resting place. Joshua Zerkel is a master of organization, with lots of great suggestions on how to live in an organized way without going crazy.

Andrea Sanchez | Aesthetician

I just can’t stop talking about how much I love my newly organized craft room! Josh from Custom Living Solutions was fantastic at helping me sort out my tools, files, materials, photos and albums in such a way that I now have three great work zones – all very well lit, open workspaces where I can easily reach what I need. And, the stuff I don’t need is put away. The personal support and individual planning was so key to getting this project done, and Josh’s support really motivated me to get it done in a timely manner. I’ll definitely be back when it’s time to organize our computer room!

Summer Deingott | Creative Memories Consultant

I called on Josh and Custom Living Solutions to manage our move’s process, from start to finish… Although our new space is considerably smaller than our previous one, thanks to Josh’s planning, it feels airy, efficient, and organized. Throughout the move, Josh was extremely professional, detail-oriented, and highly organized. He was also very cost conscious—something that, as a nonprofit, we greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Josh to anyone that is considering working with a Professional Organizer.

Terri Feeley | Executive Director | SFWorks

I had a large filing project and couldn’t find the patience to work on it. My file folders were staring me in the face all messy and in disarray. Fortunately, Josh and Custom Living Solutions came to the rescue! He was patient and professional and transformed a giant mess into a functional and efficient system. He very quickly understood my needs and was ready with fresh ideas and solutions. He was also very flexible as I wasn’t sure how to proceed and changed my mind a couple times once the process began. He was wonderful to work with and I’m thrilled with the results!

Caroline Rabinowitz | Executive Director | Friends of Sharon Art Studio

I’m messy. Many a boss has asked me to keep my office neater, and I have always found it virtually impossible. Josh and Custom Living Solutions have helped me become a new person. I have an organized work space which is fantastic. More importantly, I have a system that allows me to continue to be organized and as a result, neater, cleaner and able to present a more professional image to my clients. (Not to mention how much easier it is to find things in files versus piles). My colleagues were so impressed and amazed, they now use Josh’s services too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Julie Shumate | Sr. Loan Consultant | First Capital Group

Starting a personal business from home was a dream of mine—and I couldn’t have done it without Custom Living Solutions! From how to design my filing system to helping me find the best deals on hosting my Web site (and literally everything else in between), Josh was with me every step of the way. Now my business is up-and-running smoothly.

Brooke Fruchtman | Principal | WordCentric,

Josh is easy and fun to work with. He listens and tailors solutions to my needs. What was very gratifying was that I started seeing results right away from our first session. He is also very cost-conscious and sticks to the budget.

Freddie Reppond | Court Reporter

Joshua came over and helped me come up with an actual plan for the goals I had for my home. He was very encouraging in helping me see things with a different perspective. I have only to look at the plan to feel motivated to take steps toward the goals.

Rebecca Kennedy | Stay-at-Home Mom of Three Boys | San Francisco

Josh kept with us through our entire office renovation and made problems disappear quickly and efficiently; he was always reasonable, always met our expectations and was good to his word 100% of the time. He delivers and makes a difficult task that much easier and working with him is surprisingly economical when you consider the time savings, even without the discounts and unexpected savings Josh found that we realized at various points along the way.

Laurie Aaronson | Managing Director | Vine Solutions

Custom Living Solutions gave my small apartment a whole new feel. I used to come home and feel cramped…now I am so excited to relax at home and enjoy my space. Josh was able to spend time working out different layouts and we designed one that gave me the most efficient use of my space. I feel the difference every day!

Andrea Cornell | Therapist

Josh came over, went through how I was currently using my space, and talked with me about how I wanted my home to be and how we could achieve those goals. He gave me an organization plan that was easy for me to follow and implement, and which has made a huge difference in how I feel about, and function in, my home.

Jodi Goldstein | Marketing & Communications Coordinator

My business has increased tremendously, and with numerous projects going on, there is a lack of time to get organized and put work away where it belongs. Over time, it became chaotic and unorganized. We contacted Custom Living Solutions, who helped me take control of my space to be more effective and efficient. It is now functional and peaceful. Best of all, it is a pleasure to work with Josh. I highly recommend Custom Living Solutions for any planning or organizing need.

Rick Thng | Package Designer, Imprezziv

My workspace is small and I do a variety of duties. At the end of the day, my workspace used to be a big mess. I realized I used my space and my time inefficiently and this led to losing money. I wanted to make my space conducive to maximizing my business opportunities. Joshua’s genius file system has made my office a “working paradise.” The new organizational systems he created help me have more time to serve my clients. At the end of the day I’m less tired and have more time and energy for my family!

If you’d like to have the same feeling of finally being free of clutter, call Custom Living Solutions.

Lucy Logvinova | Insurance Agent, Farmers Insurance

Joshua helped me reclaim my apartment. He knew how to break down large tasks into manageable ones and keep me on track so I would achieve the results I wanted. He provided good direction and wasn’t averse to helping with the tedious stuff in order to get the job done. I highly recommend him to anyone serious about making a change. His design background makes him a great resource for decorating once you’ve completed the purging and organizing processes. Don’t make any more excuses. If you are a procrastinator like me and you need help with a project, call Joshua at Custom Living Solutions.

Lynne Piade | San Francisco

Before I started working with Custom Living Solutions, I had an idea of how I wanted my business to operate, but things were so chaotic that it appeared impossible. After working with Josh, I can see now that not only are my operational objectives possible, but many more professional goals are within reach. Josh helps me to apply organizational systems so I can focus on business development.

Cary Dakin | Therapist

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