We offer three-month programs to help you move towards maximum productivity.

The Premium Program is perfect for you if you want step-by-step direction and assistance in not only developing your productivity and organizing strategies, but also hands-on help implementing and maintaining them. With the Premium Package, we’re there to assist you with our maximum level of support.

The Plus Program may be a good fit if you have some of your productivity and organizing challenges under control, but want help with strategies for changing a number of areas that are not working. The Plus Package lets you combine hands-on assistance and support from us with directed tasks that you do on your own.

The Essentials Program is right for you if you’ve already got a handle on many of your productivity and organizing challenges and are looking for strategies to address a few areas that you haven’t gained control over yet. The Essentials Package gives you a plan for moving forward as well as some implementation assistance from us.

All programs include:

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Written Action Plan
  • Detailed resource and product recommendations (as appropriate)
  • Email access to have your questions answered

Solutions at a Distance

If you’re not yet ready for an in-person visit from Custom Living Solutions, or if you’re outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, we also offer phone- and internet-based productivity and organizing solutions. We still use the same methodology – we just do it virtually.

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