Attention Busy Professionals, Frazzled Renters, and Overwhelmed Homeowners:

Are You Tired of Putting Up with Clutter in Your Home? Are You DONE with Feeling Scattered, Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Disorganized?

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From the desk of Joshua Zerkel, CPO®

Dear Fellow Lover of Organization,

Scattered. Frustrated. Powerless. Chaotic. Buried. Overwhelmed.

Joshua Zerkel, CPOSound familiar? Is being disorganized affecting your life at home? Does clutter stare you in the face when you look around your space?

If so, you’re NOT alone! Time and again, I hear from people just like you that they are tired of living with clutter, but just don’t know how to combat their disorganization and overwhelm in a strategic, productive, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE manner. No doubt about it, disorganization can be tough to overcome on your own.

The truth is, none of us, not even Professional Organizers, are born automatically knowing how to organize our homes. Some of us pick up great skills and tools as we grow up, and some of us don’t. So don’t feel too bad if you aren’t sure how to get organized on your own, or if you’ve tried getting organized in the past and it hasn’t been successful. Knowing how to get and stay organized is not a inborn skill!

Everyone, myself included, has to learn what strategies, tools, and techniques for getting organized will work for them. I’ve had the privilege of being able to help HUNDREDS of busy people get organized in their homes and offices, and I’ve seen first-hand what works – and what doesn’t.

Now, if you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know that I specialize in helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and busy professionals get organized and boost productivity in their offices and their businesses. But the truth is, all of us live somewhere, and we all deserve to have organized homes.

My goal is to help every person that wants to get organized do so in the easiest, most effective, and most fun way possible. That’s why I created the Simplified Life Organizing System! This home study course is designed to teach you my very best, most effective, and most easily implemented organizing strategies so that you can finally reclaim your home from clutter and create the orderly, relaxing home you’ve been dreaming of!

The Simplified Life Organizing System is filled with time-tested, proven strategies that I’ve seen WORK for HUNDREDS of clients during my career. I know these strategies can work for you too!

I was inspired to get some help with my organizing after I read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. Even though I’m inherently prone to organizing in general, when it comes to my stuff, I lack objectivity. I just couldn’t tame the beast. Josh was a great resource. He offered an objective assessment of what was needed, room-by-room. Easy to follow and simply organized, his action plan was what I needed to identify next steps to eliminate the clutter in my life — or at least, my apartment.

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional organizer, chances are you need one. And Josh is a good one. Professional, courteous and businesslike, he did the job. With my new clutter-free environment, I’m on my way toward Getting Things Done.

C.R. | San Francisco


Are you ready to let the Simplified Life Organizing System help you create the organized home of your dreams?


The Simplified Life Organizing System



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Why is it So Hard to Get My Home in Order?




I’ll bet at some point along the way you probably have tried to get organized on your own. Maybe you bought a couple of trays for your mail, hoping that would finally reclaim your kitchen counter from paper piles. Maybe you spent some money on a bunch of fancy containers to hold all the “stuff” in your living room. But in the end, none of these things worked. Why?

I’ve seen these patterns – and common mistakes – time and time again with the clients that I’ve helped get more organized.




The Top 3 Mistakes Busy People Make When Trying to Organize Their Homes




Mistake #1: Shopping = Organizing
“If I just buy the right containers, I’ll get organized.”


On your own, you may be tempted to simply “buy yourself organized” by taking trips to an organizing supply store and buying lots of organizing tools and gizmos that the salesperson might recommend. Without them really knowing your situation or seeing your space, I’ve seen many people waste a lot of money by buying organizing supplies they don’t need. They end up bringing the organizing supplies back to their home or office where the organizing “tools” simply add to the existing clutter.



Mistake #2: Taking on Too Large a Project
“I’m going to organize my house today.”


When you try to get organized on your own, it’s tempting to want to “just get it done” by trying to do a project in one fell swoop, and usually in a compressed amount of time. Just imagine – you’ve decided to organize your whole home in one weekend, and by halfway through Saturday, everything is a mess, you’re frustrated and tired. You don’t really feel like spending any more of your weekend on organizing your home, and so you just give up. The project is actually in a worse state than when you started, and now you are left to deal with even more disorganization than before!



Mistake #3: Working Without a Plan
“I’ll figure out how to organize my home once I get started.”


Here’s how it happens: You decide to get your home organized, so you give yourself a day or a weekend to do it. Saturday comes, and you’re not sure where to begin, so you start by going through the piles of mail on your counter. After an hour or two, you start getting bored and things are looking a bit messier than before, so you decide to take a break and check your email. Before you know it, an hour goes by and your counter is in worse shape than when you started. It’s lunchtime, so you go out and grab a bite to eat – you’ll work on the organizing project when you get back. By the time you return, you decide you’d rather do something else with your weekend besides get organized, and you give up.

Sound familiar? This scenario is pretty typical when you try to get organized without a plan in place. Without a plan, how will you know how to attack the various projects in order to get from point A to point Organized?



So How Do I NOT Make These Mistakes?




If there’s one thing I’ve learned in helping HUNDREDS of clients, it’s that getting your home organized is essential if you ever hope to enjoy it and have an orderly and relaxing space. But before you can launch the organizational voyage, you have to have a systematic approach to getting organized. You can’t just go to the store and buy products and hope they will help you get organized. You can’t organize your home once and for all in one weekend. And you definitely can’t create your serene, clutter-free home without a plan for how you’re going to do it!

Instead, you need a step-by-step system to help walk you through the process of getting organized. An effective system addresses all the key areas of getting your home in order, including managing your space, paper, time, tasks and technology. An effective system also helps plan your approach each of these areas AND how to maintain your systems over time. After years of helping clients figure out how to deal with all these pieces, I’ve created the Simplified Life Organizing System to address each of these areas so YOU can get control of these elements too!




The Simplified Life Organizing System

7 Simple Steps To Creating the Orderly, Organized Home You Deserve!




Imagine walking into your home and instantly feeling at ease. You are able to put away everything you’ve brought in with you, and you don’t trip over (or even see) clutter when you walk in. There’s no piles, stacks, or “mystery bags” of stuff hiding in the closet. Unlike before, you now KNOW where EVERYTHING is, without you having to dig and search for your belongings. You’re proud of the space you’ve created, and people that come over comment on how organized you are!



If this sounds good, the Simplified Life Organizing System is for you!




Download Now – Only $97


Joshua helped me come up with an actual plan for the goals I had for my home. He was very encouraging in helping me see things with a different perspective. I have only to look at the plan to feel motivated to take steps toward the goals.

Rebecca Kennedy | Stay-at-Home Mom of Three Boys | San Francisco



The 7 Elements of the Simplified Life Organizing System




The Simplified Life Organizing System was specifically designed to address the shortcomings of many other home organizing systems. In my experience, and with the systems I’ve seen clients try to implement in the past, other systems are not comprehensive, are too complicated to use and maintain, or both. Every home, no matter the size or number of people who live there, has seven key areas that MUST be addressed in order to get organized and be productive.



The seven key elements covered in the Simplified Life Organizing System include:


design an Action Plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle Planning
How to approach your organizing projects and create a plan of action to help you move forward in a systematic manner
Effective strategies for weeding through your belongings in your office, home – or on your computer Editing
Effective strategies for making sure you’re keeping what’s important and cutting the clutter – without tears!
creating effective storage to take advantage of the layout potential in your office or home Space
Setting up your storage for effective use of your space, and ways to make it easy to find what you need, right when you need it
simple techniques to organize your piles, files, and papers Paper
Comprehensive solutions for dealing with paper from the minute it comes in your door to final disposal (it’s not as hard as you think!)
Learn how to manage your tasks, priorities and calendar Time
Smart ways to manage your time and easy strategies to get your tasks done
Training on tools, apps, and strategies that can save time and stress Technology
Easy ways to use tech tools to help your home run more smoothly
customized maintenance plan that is tailored perfectly to meet your needs and resources Maintenance
Tweaking, fine tuning and keeping your systems in tip-top shape so they continue to serve you and your family well into the future

Most organizing systems address a few of these areas, but not all, and that’s where they tend to fall short. If you’re trying to get organized, you need to address every one of these areas so you can finally get your home under control!



Download Now – Only $97





What’s Included in the Simplified Life Organizing System?




The Simplified Life Organizing System provides all the tools you need to get – and stay – organized in your home. The complete system includes:

A complete set of 8 audio downloads (MP3 format) with over two and half hours of instruction covering the 7 key areas of the Simplified Life Organizing System A comprehensive, downloadable (PDF format) workbook with forms, exercises and space for you to create your customized Action Plan

The Simplified Life Organizing System




So How Will I Benefit From Using this System?




As you work your way through the Simplified Life Organizing System and implement my simple strategies you will:


  • Discover how to cut your clutter – once and for all
  • Learn easy ways to deal with paper – it’s easier than you might think
  • Find highly effective strategies sharing calendars and tasks with family members
  • Tame your technology so your tools make your home life easier

Best of all, every strategy has been time-tested with our own organizing clients, so we know the systems, tools and ideas are easy to implement – and that they work!

Joshua was very professional and came up with an excellent plan for me to better organize and utilize my living space. I would highly recommend him.

C.N. | Oakland



What would it be worth to you to cut your clutter and FINALLY be able to enjoy your home?




If all that may be standing in your way to reach this goal is being unorganized, would you pay $1,000, $500 or even $250 for the professional advice that can finally de-clutter your life and clear the path to increased revenues for your business?

What if I told you it would only cost you $97 to effectively create the organized, orderly home you’ve been envisioning?

That’s right. Order the complete Simplified Life Organizing System now for the low cost of only $97!



Download Now – Only $97





Why Will the Simplified Life Organizing System Work for Me?




There are lots of different organizing and productivity strategies out there. If you’ve tried using any of them before and haven’t been able to make them work for you, you might be wondering what makes the Simplified Life Organizing System different.

  • It’s simple. There’s no jargon, complex workflow diagrams, if/then schemes, or other mental hoops to jump through. My philosophy is that the simpler a system is the better. Simple systems are easier to implement, use and maintain over time – and that’s why all of the strategies in the Simplified Life Organizing System are straightforward and as easy as possible to follow and implement.
  • It’s flexible. You can implement the entire system, or only the parts of the system you need – your choice! Parts of the system can also be modified to better suit your needs (and the modification and customization strategies are included in the program too!).
  • It’s doable. Every idea, tip and strategy is real world tested with real clients, in real homes, with real families. So, I can say with absolute certainty that the concepts work, if you apply them and customize them to your own work style and situation. The entire program is meant to be something you can actually implement, use, and benefit from!


In short, the Simplified Life Organizing System is designed to be used by busy people just like you!





Yes, Place My Order!


Joshua, I want to order a copy of your Simplified Life Organizing System! I’m ready to eliminate disorganization, frustration, and clutter from my space and create the orderly, enjoyable home of my dreams!

As part of my Simplified Life Organizing System package, I will receive VIA INSTANT DOWNLOAD:

The Simplified Life Organizing System

  • 8 audio download set with over two and a half hours of instruction covering the 7 key areas of the Simplified Life Organizing System
  • A comprehensive downloadable workbook with forms, exercises and space for you to create your customized Action Plan
  • Instant access to the downloadable versions of the audio files and workbook ($297 Value)


I’ll get all of this for just $97! Give me instant access to the system NOW!




Download Now – Only $97

How you feel about your home is a HUGE factor in your overall happiness. If clutter is dragging you down, it’s really hard to enjoy your home and have that restful space that you deserve.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time staring at your piles of clutter and thinking you’ll get to it later – you can start getting organized TODAY!

Take the first right step towards creating the home of your dreams. Order the Simplified Life Organizing System now and make a positive and everlasting change.

To your success,

Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organizer®
CEO & Productivity Strategist
Custom Living Solutions

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