Productivity Essentials
When one specific area of productivity or organization isn’t working, having assistance to clarify the steps to improving it can be hard to do on your own. That’s where Productivity Essentials comes in. This program was designed for highly motivated self-starters who need specific guidance on a particular organizing or productivity challenge. The focus is on sharpening existing systems and making tweaks so they can best serve your needs and goals. Productivity Essentials gives you a plan for moving forward as well as some implementation assistance from us. This program can also be used for maintenance after completing one of the other programs. Over the next three months, your Productivity Essentials program includes:

  • One in-depth Needs Assessment in your office or home to help you determine how to get organized and boost your productivity, with a customized, detailed, written Action Plan to give you step-by-step clarity on your projects
  • Three 90-minute in-person or virtual in-person implementation sessions to ensure your progress
  • Bring an associate or assistant to your sessions
  • Email access to have your questions answered as needed
  • Expert advice on what to edit – and what to buy

Your Investment: $1,995 in full

Please note that for all programs round-trip driving time from San Francisco is billed at $65.00 per hour and is calculated using time and mileage estimates provided by Google Maps.

Our Productivity and Organizing Programs are PERFECT FOR YOU if…

  • You are tired of wasting your space, your time, and your energy by not having the right systems in place
  • You know your life would be less stressful, your space would be less cluttered, and you’d feel more empowered if you were better organized
  • You want your business or professional life to be more successful, more profitable, and more fun by boosting your productivity
  • You are clear on the goals you want to achieve
  • You are a self-starter who is dedicated to your success
  • You want to make long-lasting changes that will serve you now and in the future
  • You are ready to move past excuses and take decisive action to overcome your productivity and organizing challenges

Our programs are NOT for you if…

  • You are content with your current systems and processes, and the results they’re bringing you
  • You just want to “tidy things up” without changing your underlying systems and habits
  • You are not committed to your success
  • You want a “magic wand” for solving your productivity and organizing challenges

If you are ready to take decisive action to boost your productivity and overcome your clutter, then let’s get work together to make it happen! Simply email to get started.

We look forward to working with you!