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From the desk of Joshua Zerkel, CPO®

Dear Fellow Lover of Organization,

Joshua Zerkel, CPOIf you’re like most busy people I know, you long to have a more organized, orderly, and peaceful home. At one time or another, you may have felt like your home was too disorganized to invite guests over, or maybe you were just frustrated that you let things get out of control. You may have felt frustration, overwhelm, and embarrassment from being disorganized. Maybe you’ve even had some “discussions” with your spouse, partner, or kids about the clutter in your home.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone – none of us (not even me!) are born knowing how to organize everything in our homes. It takes the right tools, the right skills, and most importantly, the right systems to help you get – and stay – organized, so you can create the home you’ve been envisioning.

For years, the people in my community have been asking me to help them get their homes in order. They realize that being disorganized is an ongoing challenge that many people face, and it’s one that has real financial and emotional consequences, such as:

  • Strained relationships and fights
  • Increased stress
  • Embarrassment when guests come over
  • Wasted time spent looking for things
  • Duplicate purchases of things you know you have…somewhere

You home is meant to be your retreat, your sanctuary, from the world. When your home is cluttered and you can’t find your things easily, you can’t enjoy our space fully. You can’t create a peaceful and orderly home you’re proud of if you’re constantly dealing with clutter and chaos.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time buried under clutter, then you MUST listen to my FREE teleclass…

“Easy Strategies for an Orderly, Clutter-Free, and Enjoyable Home”

During this hour-long call, I’ll share…

  • How to FINALLY make your New Year’s resolution of getting organized a reality
  • How to identify what’s REALLY keeping you from getting organized and how to eliminate those challenges
  • What systems you need to have in place to stay organized and how to create them
  • Why buying the “right” containers won’t automatically get you organized, but the one investment you SHOULD make that will ABSOLUTELY do the trick
  • How to outline and stick to your own personal organizational plan

Without a doubt, getting your clutter under control can dramatically affect how much you enjoy your home – and your life.

So don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn my proven strategies and start creating the orderly home you envision IMMEDIATELY! You have NOTHING to lose and only your sanity – and peace – to gain! 




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Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organizer®
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