Stocking Paper Products for the Home Office

We usually focus on going paperless using digital tools for organization and productivity. Today – a departure to look at the times you might need paper!

8 Tips for Organizing Your Computer to Increase Productivity

If you’re like most people, you spend a good chunk of your day on a computer. Here’s how to make that time productive by getting more organized.

Can Facebook Help Build Your Brand?

You’ve probably used Facebook in your personal life, but can it actually be a useful tool to help build your business?

Guest Post: Office Safety – Tips for Cubicle Farmers, Desk Jockeys & Paper Pushers

Dangers – both hidden and obvious – abound at your office. Learn how to stay safe at work with these tips.

Protecting Your Home Office: 6 Tips to Keep Your Business Essentials Safe

Go beyond the obvious and learn how to keep your home office – and that data within it – safe and secure.

How to Efficiently Work From Home

What strategies can you use for maximum productivity if you work at home from a home office?

Multi-Purpose Furniture to Make Your Home Office Awesome

Multi-purpose furniture can maximize organization in your home office. But which pieces can make the most of your space?

Can a Scanner Actually be Fun?

Scanning isn’t usually an activity that’s considered very much fun. Can a new type of scanning tool change that?

Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Is your office like a tin of sardines? Do people stop and stare come 5pm, wondering just how you manage to cram everything in?

How to Create the Perfect Home Office Oasis

Saving money, no commute, wearing pajamas to work these are all fantasy work conditions for most of us. But for those who actually work from home, these conditions aren’t necessarily realized every day.

Why You Can’t Get Organized in a Weekend

When talking with potential clients, I’m often struck by how distressed they sound with their organizing and productivity challenges, and how their businesses, and their lives, are affected by what’s going on in their space and systems.

Record – and Search (!) – Your Calls with Calltrunk

Ever need to remember what you said on a phone call? Calltrunk promises to let you record – and search – your phone calls easily. Does it work?

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