A New Portable Scanner Takes a Unique Approach

Finally going paperless is a goal many of us share – and starting now, at the beginning of the year, is a way to get your systems off on the right foot. Of course, there are dozens of tools out there to help you transform your paper into digital files. A new entrant in the… READ MORE

4 Strategies to Minimize Your Printing Costs

Printing isn’t the most exciting topic – but to me, saving money (and the environment) is always a good thing. Here’s are four strategies to help.

Stocking Paper Products for the Home Office

We usually focus on going paperless using digital tools for organization and productivity. Today – a departure to look at the times you might need paper!

Can a Scanner Actually be Fun?

Scanning isn’t usually an activity that’s considered very much fun. Can a new type of scanning tool change that?

Cloud-Scanning Smackdown: NeatCloud vs. Shoeboxed

NeatCloud and Shoeboxed are both great options to help you go paperless – but they have significant differences. Which one is right for you?

Scanner Recommendations for the Office

Pros and cons of buying a dedicated scanner such as NeatDesk of Fujitsu, or sticking with a multifunction copy/fax/scan device.

Choosing the Right Tools for Going Paperless

Paper takes a lot of space to store, and especially if you’re used to searching for documents on your computer, rifling through paper piles and digging into file cabinets can seem practically archaic!

Buying a Scanner vs. Using a Scanning Service

Consider your time, money, and security when weighing the pros and cons.

4 Ways to Spend Less Time Processing Paper

Being a Certified Professional Organizer, I actually enjoy working with paper – I know, I’m strange! Even so, I don’t want to spend too much time on it; like you, I have many other tasks on my to-do list.

Too Many Magazines!

Keeping up with magazine subscriptions can feel like homework, so stop them from piling up by giving them an expiration date, clipping the essential articles, or reading online.

What to do with Receipts Now That Tax Time is Over

Tips for storing—or better yet, scanning—your tax-related papers.

Organizing Your Personal Finances: 4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Receipts, Statements, and Bills

One of my top requests as a Professional Organizer is to help clients organize their personal and business finances.

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