Break Your Big Challenges into Small Challenges

The task of getting organized can be done with a step by step approach.

Successful womanPick one thing in your office to organize, then another, and another, and another…

If you’re looking at your office and all you see is one big mess, don’t get discouraged. One of the mistakes people often make when trying to get organized is they don’t break things down into their components. They’ll say, “I am going to organize my whole office this weekend,” without recognizing that within an office there are many different subsets of challenges or problems to overcome; if they are broken down into components, they can be tackled much more effectively. As you are going around your space to address challenges and find solutions, look for those smaller chunks that you can put on your list rather than listing the whole office space. You will be much more effective when it’s time to actually tackle organizing them.

If a problem is really large, think about the different ways that you might be able to break it down into its components. For instance, it’s easy to say, “My whole office is disorganized. I don’t even know where to begin.” If you’re really not sure where to begin, just choose any spot and then rotate clockwise through the space, identifying each of the different components. There might be a cluttered bookcase, overflowing file cabinets, a desk covered with paper or cables. Each of those can be addressed individually.

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