Facing the Challenges of Organizing

Organizing can be a challenge, remember it takes work and don’t give up.

Identify your obstacles to getting organized and plan how to overcome them.

Everyone has challenges when it comes to getting organized. Maybe it’s a lack of time; maybe you have an unsupportive or just plain unhelpful business partner or co-worker who doesn’t understand the value of getting organized and what it can do for you. Maybe you just don’t have any skills around organizing yet, or there simply isn’t yet any organizing system in place.

Whatever your challenges are, write them down. Next to them start brainstorming your strategies for overcoming them. For instance, if one of your challenges is lack of time, look in your calendar for when you may be able to carve out an extra five or ten minutes for getting organized. If that is all you can afford, then start there. As you make progress in creating an organizational system, you can build on this foundation.

There’s no magic bullet. Instead of a quick fix, look for strategies that can help support you in the process so that you can get organized and function at your very best.

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