Guest Post: How to attract Cappuccino Clients in a Medium Roast World

Here’s how to draw in clients who can afford you and who will love you, too.

This article is from Rosey Dow, the Prospect Profiler. Rosey specializes in helping entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients. Her tips are great, so I thought I’d invite her to share them with us here on the blog! — Josh

One of the biggest complaints I hear as a Prospect Profiler is, “I wish I could draw in contacts who
can afford me. Everyone I talk to is down to their last dime.” There are a couple of reasons for this
phenomenon. Some of it is real and some of it is perceived. I like to live in the real world, so let’s begin with the perceived element.

Business coaches far and wide agree that how you see yourself has everything to do with the rates you charge. In conferences across the globe, mediocre trainers take the stage and ask 5 figures for their training—and get it—while excellent heartfelt professionals sit in the audience with an entire product line that’s less than $1,000. Why is this?

The person on stage has loads of self-worth. The person on stage believes it and expects you to believe it, too. Do you offer something valuable that people truly need? Of course you do. So, start believing it and your prices will go up, too.

Back to reality.

The central reason we attract prospects who are skinny in the bank account is that we market to them. Would you love to draw in clients with cash? Think of a client (or even a prospective client) who has some financial success and pay attention.

What makes them tick?
What personality do they have—demanding or reserved, loud or refined?
What’s their relationship to their family?
Do they have lots of close friends or are they socially aloof?
What about hobbies and goals and dreams for a legacy?

I call this Prospect Profiling. It’s digging into the personality and makeup of the people you love to work with, finding threads and correlations that take your marketing in a focused and clear direction. Your findings will give you the very words that will make you irresistible.

Is your prospect a hassled caregiver? Then talk about peace and rest.

Is your prospect involved in fighting for causes? Then talk about justice and security.

The more defined your prospects are, the stronger your message. Take a moment and think about your current clients who CAN afford you. Which one of them is that special someone you’d love to clone? Take a moment to jot down what you know about that unique individual and then go after more of the same.

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