How to Centralize Multiple Contact Databases

See how centralizing your lists of contacts to one database can benefit you and save time.

Another type of technology that you might be dealing with is your contact data base. You may have a contact data base that lives on your computer – one that you keep on paper like a rolodex or a file of business cards. And a third set of contacts that live on your phone. It is not helpful to have different sets of data in different places. It is better to centralize all of your contact information in one spot, whether that be a web-based address book like Google or Yahoo or MSN or something that lives on your computer like address book on the Mac or Entourage or Microsoft Office Outlook. Choose a system and get all of your information into one spot rather than having it in multiple places.

This lets you do a couple of things:  one it saves you time because it does not force you to look in multiple places for different pieces of information. Also when everything is centralized you can back up your information much more easily. That way if there is a disaster or let’s say you lost your cell phone, you wouldn’t lose all of your contacts along with that phone. They would be backed up on your computer. Similarly if there was a fire at your office, you would have a back up of your data some place else so that you can retrieve all of your contact information when you need it. So centralizing all of your contact data is essential. It can save you time and it can save your bacon if there is some sort of disaster or loss.

Another benefit of centralizing all of your contact data is that then you can easily sync it to most modern cell phones especially smart phones. These devices are designed to connect to your computer so that you can transfer all of that data and synchronize it so that your contact information along with other things like your calendar and your email are with you at all times.

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