Manage Your Passwords with LastPass

Given some high-profile security breaches, securing your passwords and keeping them managed is critical. Here’s how.

If you’re writing your passwords on a post-it note by your computer, or if you’re using the same password for all your sites, you’re putting your security at risk. It’s so much better and safer to use a different, secure password for each site that you are visiting. The challenge, of course, is remembering all those passwords.

The solution is a password-management tool. Some are based on your computer, and others are cloud-based. I’ve used a number of tools over the years to manage and secure my passwords and to help my clients do the same thing. My current password manager of choice is LastPass, a web-based password management system that works across all browsers and many mobile platforms.

If you don’t have a method yet for securing your passwords, I encourage you to check it out!

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