NAPO 2009 Conference Follow-up – The Neat Company

The Neat Company had a strong presence at this year’s NAPO annual conference, both as a presenting sponsor and with a large expo booth. I really like their products for scanning and managing paper, and I both use their products in my own office, and I frequently recommend them to clients as well. At the show, they debuted the Mac version of NeatDesk, a high-speed desktop scanner than can accept a variety of documents, including papers, receipts, and business cards, and can scan them directly to PDF or into the NeatWorks software (basically a database for your paper documents). I’ve been using the PC version of NeatDesk since it’s beta last year, and I like it a lot. I’m glad I can start recommending it to my Mac clients now!

The quality and the design of Neat’s hardware, such as the NeatReceipts and NeatDesk scanners, are really great – very sleek design and solidly built. I also like how well the optical character recognition works in the scanning software, which makes it easy to search for your documents later. The only thing missing is an online database, so you could access your scanned documents from anywhere – but I hear that may be in the works for the future… hopefully!

If you haven’t seen their products before, check out The Neat Company at

They also won best technology of the show for Neat Desk.

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