3 Tips for Maximizing Office Productivity

How can you make the most of your limited office space? Here are three ways to do it.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have as much office space as we would like. Here are a few tips which can help you maximize the space you have available:

Invest in furniture
When setting up a home or small office it is always tempting to scrimp on furniture, but this can be a costly mistake. Several studies have shown that purchasing the right furniture can greatly improve office productivity. One study even suggested that have comfortable and ergonomic furniture could lead to decreases in absenteeism.

Make the most of light
There have been several studies which have demonstrated that making the most light can vastly improve productivity. Studies have shown that employees are much more likely to stick to task, if there is a source of natural light. It is for this reason you should avoid cubicles and office dividers to ensure that you make the most of any natural light you have. If you don’t have any source of natural light it might be a good idea to avoid standard overhead lighting which can increase fatigue and cause headaches. Instead opt for task lighting which is suitable for the various tasks

Excessive noise can have a negative impact on office productivity, which is why it makes sense to take measures to improve the acoustics in your office space. That’s why it is important to introduce materials and items which can absorb and block any outside noise sources. According to office specialists CBS Office Interiors, some studies have shown that the right office acoustics can improve office productivity by up to 15%.

Designing your office with these simple tips in mind can help ensure that you maximize your productivity.

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