3 Tips for Maximizing Office Productivity

How can you make the most of your limited office space? Here are three ways to do it.

Storage Smarts: The Benefits of Business Storage Units

One great way to combat lack of office space can be strategically using self storage units.

Affordable Design Tips for an Ultra-Productive Office

Working long hours doesn’t have to mean being stuck in a horrible office environment. Here are three tips for designing a productive, comfortable office.

Keys to Creating a Flexible Home Office Space

The definition of a home office is broader than ever before. With a few creative ideas, any space can become a home headquarters that works as hard as you do.

Multi-Purpose Furniture to Make Your Home Office Awesome

Multi-purpose furniture can maximize organization in your home office. But which pieces can make the most of your space?

Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Is your office like a tin of sardines? Do people stop and stare come 5pm, wondering just how you manage to cram everything in?

How to Create the Perfect Home Office Oasis

Saving money, no commute, wearing pajamas to work these are all fantasy work conditions for most of us. But for those who actually work from home, these conditions aren’t necessarily realized every day.

Why You Can’t Get Organized in a Weekend

When talking with potential clients, I’m often struck by how distressed they sound with their organizing and productivity challenges, and how their businesses, and their lives, are affected by what’s going on in their space and systems.

Organize Your Home Office in 2013

Want to make the most of your home office in 2013? Here’s how.

Guest Post: Less is More: Organizational Tips for Small Work Spaces

Tiny space? Storage and organizational solutions are possible! Work with your space to work in it.

Guest Post: Five Easy DIY Office Upgrades You Can Accomplish in a Weekend

It can be pretty exciting when we repaint our office or rearrange furniture. Small changes can make a big difference in your home office.

Managing Cables on the Go

Three tips for packing your electronic devices efficiently.

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