Bringing New Employees into Your Business

Get new hires up to speed on their role in the big picture, and use a variety of training methods to integrate them into their day-to-day duties.

Integrating a new employee is a somewhat complicated process that can be made easier the more often you do it. Each person you bring on is different, and thus needs different sorts of guidance and training. Nevertheless it is really helpful to have a set process for how you bring people on board. Here are a few general ways to approach the process of orienting new employees.

Start with the big picture. Even if it you are hiring a part-time employee or a contractor who will be working with you regularly, get them familiar not just with their specific tasks, but who are you as a company. What are you about, what are your goals, what are you trying to do in a bigger sense, and how do they fit into that? Make them feel a sense of place within your organization, even if it is a small piece of it. Understanding their sense of purpose within the grand scheme of things can be really empowering and will help them feel invested right away.

Use a variety of training techniques. Once your new employee understands the bigger picture, you can hone in on their specific tasks or duties. Since everyone has a different learning style, oftentimes it is helpful to give them that information in multiple ways—written descriptions of processes, a short classroom-style orientation on their duties, and/or some experiential sample projects to help get them accustomed to their specific tasks. For the latter style of training, it’s best to give them tasks that are very similar to what they will typically be doing, but not in a scenario where they feel that if they fail they might be fired right away.

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