Squeezing Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

Staying healthy and fit are key to your productivity. Here’s how to make time for fitness even if you’re busy.

Why You Can’t Get Organized in a Weekend

When talking with potential clients, I’m often struck by how distressed they sound with their organizing and productivity challenges, and how their businesses, and their lives, are affected by what’s going on in their space and systems.

3 Things No Small Business Owner Can Afford to Do Without

Three things small business owners simply can’t afford to overlook: data security, business insurance, and… a label maker!

Guest Post: New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

How can you reach the goals you’ve set out for your business in the New Year?

Holiday Downtime Can Equal Marketing Magic – Part 2

Are you expecting a slow holiday season in your business? In part two of this series, I’ll show you more ways to make your downtime work for you.

Holiday Downtime Can Equal Marketing Magic – Part 1

Are you expecting a slow holiday season in your business? If so, don’t fret too much, because I’m about to make your downtime work for you.

Video: Why One-Size-Fits-All Time Management Systems Don’t Work

Is there one productivity or organizing system that works for everyone? No!

Managing Your Time

Master your calendar with a few easy ideas!

3 Easy Ways to Get Tasks Off Your Plate (and Onto Someone Else’s)

You can streamline, combine, and massage tasks to infinity, but most of us will reach a point where there are simply too many things for one individual to do.

Setting Your Business Hours

For small business owners, it’s important to set business hours—so you can manage your own schedule and your clients or colleagues can respect your boundaries.

Schedule Breaks for Sanity’s Sake

Don’t just take breaks—SCHEDULE breaks. When people don’t schedule breaks, they don’t take them. And no breaks = no energy.

3 Easy Steps to Emergency Preparedness

September is Emergency Preparedness Month, and for many of us, it’s a time when we think about all the things we haven’t yet done to get ourselves, our families, and our businesses prepared for an emergency. After all, just like any organizing or productivity project, getting prepared for an emergency takes time and effort – or does it?

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