Customize Your Schedule with Electronic Calendars

Overlapping calendars let you see the big picture without feeling overwhelmed.

When you are running a business and you have lots of things going on, trying to steward them all into one calendar typically doesn’t work because you run into the problem of having so much information in one place that you can’t see anything. It becomes so cluttered with information that you’ve lost any sense of priority. What’s more helpful is to break things out into separate, overlapping calendars by their overall topic or category, or how they fit into your business. Using electronic calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook allow you to create multiple calendars that you can turn off or on, showing everything together or focusing on specific kinds of tasks.

I suggest splitting things out into separate calendars that are by topic, category, business type, or action, so that it’s easy to see what you need. For instance, you might have one calendar that lists all your projects, including key tasks and deadlines. Additionally, you might have a social media calendar that has detailed information on specific tweets or blog posts or Facebook updates. Perhaps you have a third calendar that is specifically related to meetings and your real-time commitments and doesn’t include any of your project-oriented deadlines.

By color-coding these different calendars, you can view all the calendars at once and see how each layer of tasks syncs up with the others. On the flip side, by viewing the calendars individually you can focus on the information you want to prioritize at that moment without feeling overwhelmed by data that is not relevant to the task at hand.

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