Ensuring Your Data Stays Safe

Through online services and external hard drives, you should back up your virtual files on a regular basis.

If you are keeping any sort of important data on your computer, whether it is email, photos or your client documents,  it is essential that you have a strategy for backing up your information regularly. Imagine what would happen if you lost this past week’s or month’s or year’s worth of business data. For most of us that would force us to close our doors. We wouldn’t even know where to start or how reconstruct all of that information. So if you have anything that you couldn’t do without, if there was a fire or some sort of disaster or if your computer is stolen, it is essential that you have a system for backing up your information.

This can be accomplished very simply. You can get an external hard drive or a flash drive or more frequently now I am recommending to the clients that they back up using an external data service where essentially there is a little programme that lives on your computer and when your computer is idle, when you are not using it, it sends little bits of data up to a secure server on the internet. And they store your data for you. That is effective because you don’t actually have to do anything. Your computer does it automatically.

But it doesn’t really matter so much what method you choose of backing up your computer. More so it matters that you do something. And it even matters more that you do it regularly. You don’t want to backup once a in a while or when you remember to. You want it to happen like clockwork. Because again if you backed up 6 months ago and you lost your computer today, the data that happened in the last month or so is where the action is for you, not what happened 6 months ago. So you want to have a regular backup set of your data and you want to make sure that it is recent. So whatever backup method you choose, choose something. It is essential.  And do it regularly. Your business could very well depend on it.

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