A New Portable Scanner Takes a Unique Approach

Finally going paperless is a goal many of us share – and starting now, at the beginning of the year, is a way to get your systems off on the right foot. Of course, there are dozens of tools out there to help you transform your paper into digital files. A new entrant in the… READ MORE

Streamlining Online Security for Your Small Business

Your business likely depends on the keeping your data safe. With the right strategies in place, you can embark into the digital domain with confidence.

Can a Scanner Actually be Fun?

Scanning isn’t usually an activity that’s considered very much fun. Can a new type of scanning tool change that?

Record – and Search (!) – Your Calls with Calltrunk

Ever need to remember what you said on a phone call? Calltrunk promises to let you record – and search – your phone calls easily. Does it work?

Video: Evernote Trunk Business Meetup

With the release of Evernote Business, it’s time to talk about Trunk partners whose solutions are critical to you as a business user and your success.

Add New Life to Your Nook with a Nook Rooted Card

Tired of your tech being locked down by the manufacturer? With a very simple add-on, you can transform your Nook into a full-featured Android tablet.

Cloud-Scanning Smackdown: NeatCloud vs. Shoeboxed

NeatCloud and Shoeboxed are both great options to help you go paperless – but they have significant differences. Which one is right for you?

2012 Evernote Trunk Conference – Wrap-Up

What’s the latest and greatest from Evernote? I found out at the 2012 Evernote Trunk Conference.

Easily Inventory Your Belongings at Home or at the Office

Using the right software, you can quickly and easily inventory the contents of your home or office – a critical piece of recordkeeping.

Beyond the Address Book: The Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)

A Contact Relation Manager lets you keep all info on your clients in one place—not just contact info, but
key data too.

Stop! Do You Need Another New Gadget?

Some tech tools are a big help; others just add clutter. Before buying the latest tech gadget, ask yourself what problem it will solve and where you’ll actually put it.

Scanner Recommendations for the Office

Pros and cons of buying a dedicated scanner such as NeatDesk of Fujitsu, or sticking with a multifunction copy/fax/scan device.

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