Free Webinar – Master Your Paperless World

Learn the right ways to go paperless – the tips, tricks, and tools to turn your paper piles into digital files! Sponsored by

I’m super-excited to be leading a webinar about one of my most-requested topics – going paperless! Join me on Thursday September 23 – 9:00 AM PST (12 PM EDT) OR Friday October 1 – 9:00 AM PST (12 PM EDT) to learn how to quickly and easily turn your paper piles into digital files.

Going paperless can help you get organized, reduce your distractions, boost your productivity – and save you time and money in the process. In this webinar, I’ll share essential information about how to go paperless so you can start getting out from under your mountain of paper. We’ll focus on specific tools and techniques to get you started right!

The webinar is sponsored by, and I’ve arranged two exclusive bonuses just for people who sign up! If you’re even considering using Shoeboxed, you MUST attend this webinar!

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