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Guest Post: 4 Ways to Design Your Office to Avoid Distractions

Reducing interruptions and distractions are key to your productivity. Here are four strategies to cut the time-wasters and get you focused.

Reducing interruptions and distractions are key to your productivity. Here are four strategies to cut the time-wasters and get you focused:

Time Batching

One of the best techniques for minimising distractions is by time batching your day. What you should do is think of your day in 30 minute blocks, then allocate the blocks to tasks. These 30 minute blocks could then be micro-managed and split up into three 10 minute tasks all related to one another.

You could go even further down by splitting one of those 10 minute tasks into objectives that you should complete in order to complete the overall 10 minute task. However, you don’t want to go so far down the line that managing your day becomes a distraction.


Do you really need to stand and talk about a project that only vaguely involves you? No. Cut out menial tasks like that to streamline your day. People need to realise that they can’t walk into your office and distract you without good reason to.

It All Starts in The Bedroom

Coming to work tired is a horrible distraction; probably one of the worst. To combat this you should definitely get enough sleep; use this cool tool to work out when you should be going to sleep. You also need to stay hydrated throughout the day as dehydration can jumble your brain and make it difficult to think clearly. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and drink regularly during the day. Also, taking a walk outside can give you more energy from the fresh air and movement.

What’s For Lunch?

Your diet can influence how you feel throughout the day. If you are having heavy lunches filled with things like bread, chocolate and red meat then you will start to feel sluggish in the latter parts of the day. You should be eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day.

For example, a salad at around 11am then a small sandwich at around half 1 in the afternoon and then possibly some vegetables in the late afternoon would be ideal.

Following these four easy steps, you can easily boost your productivity at work and make you a more valuable employee for your company. You will feel like you can accomplish more in a day than you have ever before.

This guest post was written by Adam Stevens on behalf of Cheshire Office Interiors, a specialist interior design agency for offices.


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