Streamlining Online Security for Your Small Business

Your business likely depends on the keeping your data safe. With the right strategies in place, you can embark into the digital domain with confidence.

When it comes to online security for your small business, the real key to your prosperity and success is careful organization. It’s easy to get caught up in the business possibilities of the online space without protecting yourself first. Get educated, and make sure you’re all squared away before you set up any corporate social media accounts, install any software or hand over the reins to any outside agencies.

Anti-Virus Software
The web provides much good for entrepreneurs in the form of startup forums, industry-specific blogs and other easy-access resources for a blossoming small business. Nevertheless, the web is also a buzzing incubator for an endless number of computer viruses which seek to plague individuals and businesses alike. Make the smart choice from the get-go: purchase anti-virus software for all your company computers. It’s an easy purchase you won’t regret.

Industry Knowledge
Regardless of whether you’re starting a hedge fund or a bakery, you need to know the ins and outs of the digital landscape within your own industry. Some business spheres require highly specific software and hardware which can leave you exposed if you’re unsure of what to do with it.
Find out what digital equipment you need – maybe it’s a subscription to a certain website, maybe it’s an entirely specialized computer altogether. Once you’ve got a handle on that, find out what you need to secure your information safely within your niche.

Physical Access
While the term “online security” inherently suggests digitally-focused safety measures, there is actually a physical component to your business’s web protection. You can start by limiting access to certain machines and devices. When you’re working with contractors or people you hardly know, you should protect yourself by being extremely careful about what you share. That’s not to say you should distrust everyone who helps out along the way; that said, it’s never a bad idea to be circumspect with restricting physical computer access.

Secure Networks
As you look to the future of your business, there’s a solid chance you’ll encounter a point where owning a network server may be a good idea. Intra-company networks allow for instant transfer, data centralization, and simple communication. Company servers, while potentially beneficial for a growing enterprise, they’re also a risk if not set up securely. With all the personalized, insider data you’re tracking across all your digital devices, you want some way to ensure its protection. Find a company that offers network solutions which shield against malware and support software for remote access and password encryption.

There’s nothing more exciting than your next business venture. So make sure you can sustain that excitement, and foster it into something prosperous without the burden of online security breaches. Organize your online safety, and get on your way to building your next success!

Brian Jones has been part of the security industry for 5 years and has found that security boils down to preparation and organization. His most recent project is over at

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