Holiday Downtime Can Equal Marketing Magic – Part 1

Are you expecting a slow holiday season in your business? If so, don’t fret too much, because I’m about to make your downtime work for you.

Instead of wondering why business is slow, downtime is a fantastic opportunity to boost your marketing productivity and results by taking on a few small projects, each of which is designed to help improve one or more key areas within your marketing mix. In this two-parter, I’ll first share with you a couple of projects related to your website. In part two, we’ll explore ideas for creating and managing your content.

Analyze – Have you been monitoring your web statistics and site analytics all year long? If so, don’t feel too bad about it. Now’s a great time to sit down and take a look at how your site has been performing, analyze the results, and make some tweaks (or major changes) to help improve things. A web presence is a constantly evolving and iterative project – not one that is “set it and forget it.” Take some time now to review what’s been working (and not working) on your site – what pages are getting lots of traffic, are they converting to sales or prospects, are you seeing particular trends, etc., and update your pages to try and make them perform better, if applicable.

Optimize – Speaking of performance improvements, in addition to content improvements, now is also a great time to look at your search engine performance. For most of us, there’s always room for improvement here. Is your site coming up where you’d like it to in searches? If not, take time to determine what’s working – and what isn’t – and set aside time to make the adjustments that will help your site’s search ranking improve. Since internet searches are often key factors in helping potential clients and customers find you online, search engine optimization can be a critical component in your marketing mix. Don’t neglect it!

In part two, we’ll look at some specific ways you can improve your processes for creating, managing, and posting your content.

What are some of your ideas for how you can use any holiday downtime to improve your marketing? Sound off in the comments below.

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