Maintain Your Technology Systems

Maintaining technology and electronic files is just as important as organizing hard paper files.

Stay up to date with your software, address book, and e-files.

Unlike papers and other clutter, your computer never takes up more space no matter how badly it needs to be organized. It’s easy to forget that your software and electronic files need maintenance just as much as the hard copies floating around your office.

Keep your system current. Make sure you back up your files regularly. You should also make sure to do system updates regularly to keep your software and your antivirus programs current.

Review your contact list quarterly. If you have a job where networking is key, you meet a lot people and acquire lots of new contacts. If you don’t keep up with your master contact list regularly, it’s too easy to forget who many of these people are. Make sure that everyone in your contact list is someone that you actually want to contact.

Prune your files. Just like with your space and your paper files, weed through your e-files every six months or so. Make sure that everything you are keeping is current and that it is something that you want, need, or actively use.

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