Should it Stay or Should it Go?

While cleaning clutter, consider how necessary each object is: when did you last use it? When will you use it again? Is it broken? Can you store it?

Do You Suffer from “But I’ll Need It Someday Syndrome”?

When choosing whether to keep or discard something, ask yourself: when will I need this? If you can’t think of specific time, let it go.

5 Tips for Clearing Up Space on Your Hard Drive

Free up memory on your hard drive: sort through large files; delete duplicate files or old drafts; edit your photo library; and archive non-essential files.

4 Top Year-End Organizing Tips

As the year comes to an end look at ways to get rid of “stuff” and maximize your systems.

Maintain Your Technology Systems

Maintaining technology and electronic files is just as important as organizing hard paper files.

Two Easy Ways to Stay Clutter Free

Combat clutter with short and long term strategies.

Three Tips for Maintaining Your Paper Systems

Creating a system to manage the paper flow will help control the pile that can quickly accumulate on your desk, learn about simple steps you can take to maintain organization.