Manage Email by Setting an Inbox Limit

Setting a limit to the number of emails in your inbox keeps you organized and also lessens the stress of having hundreds of to-dos staring back at you.

The more emails in your inbox, the more stressful it can be.

For most of us when we see the number of messages in our inbox creep past 25, 30, 50 or 100, we can quickly feel overwhelmed. Most emails are to-dos of some sort, and when we’ve got hundreds of to-dos staring at us, it can be pretty stressful. One strategy to deal with this is to set a number for yourself for how many messages you want to let sit in your inbox—25, 50, 100, whatever feels reasonable to you.

As your messages come in and you see that your inbox is growing beyond that number you’ve set for yourself, set an appointment with yourself—an actual scheduled appointment—to work on processing your email. If you don’t, that number will simply keep increasing. It only takes a few minutes to manage a handful of messages in order to get your inbox back to the limit you’ve set—as opposed to the hours or days it might take to manage an inbox that has ballooned into the thousands.

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