Multi-Purpose Furniture to Make Your Home Office Awesome

Multi-purpose furniture can maximize organization in your home office. But which pieces can make the most of your space?

When working from home, you must make the most out of your office space. While it is a room strictly reserved for work, it’s still possible to make the space feel comfortable and homey. The point of being able to work from home is to feel relaxed and comfortable in your home setting; and to be able to access your kitchen when you get hungry.

Get creative with your storage to make the most of your home office.
Get creative to make the most of your home office.
With that being said, you never know when you might change your career path and move your work to another location. You might even be expanding your family and surrendering the room to a new addition. That is why it is essential to use a multipurpose design.

Since no one plans to use their home office forever, you should design it for work as well as for future use. By using adaptable furniture and accents, you can add character to your home office and still use the furniture for whatever the room will turn into next – a nursery, guest room, or playroom.


Ottomans can be used as a small seat or somewhere to prop your feet up. Most of them double as “secret” storage. The top can come off, leaving you with a box to store things like magazines, books, blankets, etc.


Most trunks and chests have substantial storage-either underneath the lid or incorporated into the base. The great thing about chests is that you can also use it for almost anything-as a coffee table, accent piece, storage, or even a vacation. When not in use, put two throw pillows on the top and use it for seating. If you’d rather use it as a coffee table, lay a piece of glass over the top so that you can put flowers or books on top of it.

Floating Shelves

If you have built-in shelving in your home office, great. If you don’t want to buy a shelving system, look into purchasing some floating shelves. It’s one of the cleanest looks for decorating. You can stack them, scatter them, or make one continuous shelf.

Floating Desks

If your work area is very small, consider looking for a floating desk. While they don’t usually provide extra storage, they take up less space. If you have a window in your home office, stretch the floating desk to take up the entire wall. That way, you have a wall’s length of desk space, as well as space underneath for file storage.

Wall Storage Systems

Utilizing your wall space is the best way to create storage without compromising on your space. This storage station from Pottery Barn allows you to store small things and includes a file bin, white board, and chalkboard. You can also find hooks, calendars, and magnetic boards at Walmart or Target.

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