Reduce Your Books and Get Paid Doing It

When I work with clients to help them cut their clutter, one area that generally gets weeded through is the bookshelf. It can be filled with books that are useful, not so useful, and maybe not even read! Getting rid of books that you no longer want or need can be difficult – unread books can be a huge source of guilt. That said, I encourage you to let go of books that you’re not likely to get to anytime soon – after all, you can always check a book out from the library later!

Would it take the edge off if you made some money from the books that you’re getting rid of? Well, a site sent to me by a client called Cash for Books can help you do just that. You tell them what books you have, and they pay you for them. Cash for Books will even pay for the shipping! Check them out at:

Cash For Books – We Buy Books & We Pay The Shipping!

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