Schedule Breaks for Sanity’s Sake

Don’t just take breaks—SCHEDULE breaks. When people don’t schedule breaks, they don’t take them. And no breaks = no energy.

No matter how much work you have, taking breaks will make you work better.

When the work is piling up it can be tempting to try and plow right through it, but it’s important to schedule breaks. Don’t just take breaks—schedule breaks. When people don’t schedule breaks, they don’t take them—and when people don’t take breaks, their batteries get burned out really quickly. Even short breaks—five or ten minutes here or there throughout your day, where you completely step away from your work—can be extremely effective in helping to recharge your batteries. And having your batteries fully charged is essential if you’re planning on working over an extended period of time.

What you don’t want to do is work and work and work and work and get so burned that you can’t imagine working anymore and then leave your business. Instead, if you schedule short breaks throughout your day—a lunch break and maybe one or two breaks throughout the rest of the day—that can be enough to give you enough rejuvenating energy to keep you going throughout the entire week. Simply put, no breaks = no energy.

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