Scheduling Your Tasks and To-Do’s Made Easy

Connect your Master-to-do-list with your daily schedule and eliminate overlooked tasks.

Start connecting your to-do-list with your schedule by combing through your master to-do list and plugging the tasks into the associated time blocks on your calendar. For all of the things on your to-do list it is likely that they will fall into either production time, marketing time or administrative time. Since you already have time blocked out for each of these types of tasks, you can simply take the tasks from your to-do list and plug them into the corresponding time block on your calendar.

Gather all your top priority tasks that you label with a 1, and plug those into your schedule first. Then, move on to the 2s and plug those in as well. If there are spare moments or time blocks left over, feel free to plug in the 3s – or maybe schedule yourself a break. You will also want to schedule yourself a little bit of time for delegating tasks if that is something you are planning on doing. Anytime you delegate a task, it does require some time for you to manage the delegation process, so make sure you create that time in your calendar.

One thing that is nice to have in addition to a to-do list is a “done list” where you list all of the tasks that you have actually completed. In the chaotic busyness of any person’s business world (and most of our lives in business are pretty crazy and chaotic), it is easy to forget that we are actually getting things done. When we’ve got endless to-do’s coming our way, it is hard to remember all of those things that we have already accomplished.

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