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Storage Smarts: The Benefits of Business Storage Units

One great way to combat lack of office space can be strategically using self storage units.

Space is always a major factor when starting or expanding a business. Put in the most simple way, space is costly and, in some cases, difficult to come by. A great way to combat these problems is to investigate getting a self storage unit – a locker which you can hire to store pretty much anything you want. When it comes to business, this can be incredibly useful.

A simple means of expansion
A storage unit will allow you to expand your business without moving to new premises. By using your unit to store non essential items, you can free up space for more staff or additional equipment. This removes the need for a disruptive moving process, meaning your business will continue as normal. Using a storage unit as a means of expansion also ensures your company will not have to change address, saving you the time of informing your contacts.

Flexible storage
Storage units are often leased on a short term or via rolling contracts. This means that they are very convenient to use. Many companies offer deals where you can change the size of your storage unit or even cancel it altogether with just one week’s notice.

This flexibility allows you to book a unit to help with a busy period such as increased seasonal demands. Many companies will also offer special deals for extended usage, leading to even more savings.

The complexes in which storage units are located are often much more secure than existing office space. With full time security staff, CCTV cameras and heavy locking doors, your property will always be in good hands. This also saves you the time and cost of installing extensive security measures at your existing office space.

Low risk
Moving office space often means long term contracts, usually six to twelve months. With a storage unit, you can still expand your business, but with a much lower risk factor. The money saved by using storage units can be put towards a more permanent growth strategy for your company.

Most storage facilities offer 24 hour access. This, along with convenient locations, means a storage locker can be as convenient as expanding your on-site storage space, but at a much lower rate.

All of these factors combine to make renting a temporary storage space a very attractive proposition for the owners of both large and small businesses.

Have you ever used a self storage locker for your company? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and let us know.

This piece was written by Mark Enright, a writer for Evans Easyspace, provider of high quality office space and storage facilities.


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