Storage Smarts: The Benefits of Business Storage Units

One great way to combat lack of office space can be strategically using self storage units.

Space is always a major factor when starting or expanding a business. Put in the most simple way, space is costly and, in some cases, difficult to come by. A great way to combat these problems is to investigate getting a self storage unit – a locker which you can hire to store pretty much anything you want. When it comes to business, this can be incredibly useful.

A simple means of expansion
A storage unit will allow you to expand your business without moving to new premises. By using your unit to store non essential items, you can free up space for more staff or additional equipment. This removes the need for a disruptive moving process, meaning your business will continue as normal. Using a storage unit as a means of expansion also ensures your company will not have to change address, saving you the time of informing your contacts.

Flexible storage
Storage units are often leased on a short term or via rolling contracts. This means that they are very convenient to use. Many companies offer deals where you can change the size of your storage unit or even cancel it altogether with just one week’s notice.

This flexibility allows you to book a unit to help with a busy period such as increased seasonal demands. Many companies will also offer special deals for extended usage, leading to even more savings.

The complexes in which storage units are located are often much more secure than existing office space. With full time security staff, CCTV cameras and heavy locking doors, your property will always be in good hands. This also saves you the time and cost of installing extensive security measures at your existing office space.

Low risk
Moving office space often means long term contracts, usually six to twelve months. With a storage unit, you can still expand your business, but with a much lower risk factor. The money saved by using storage units can be put towards a more permanent growth strategy for your company.

Most storage facilities offer 24 hour access. This, along with convenient locations, means a storage locker can be as convenient as expanding your on-site storage space, but at a much lower rate.

All of these factors combine to make renting a temporary storage space a very attractive proposition for the owners of both large and small businesses.

Have you ever used a self storage locker for your company? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and let us know.

This piece was written by Mark Enright, a writer for Evans Easyspace, provider of high quality office space and storage facilities.

29 Responses to “Storage Smarts: The Benefits of Business Storage Units”

  1. Rockford Johnson

    Great post! Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of using business storage units. I like how you said that “Most storage facilities offer 24-hour access. This, along with convenient locations, means a storage locker can be as convenient as expanding your on-site storage space, but at a much lower rate.” My parents rented a storage unit and they love it because they are able to access it whenever they need to.

  2. Rockford Johnson

    Thank you for helping me understand the benefits os storage units. I really like how you explained that “A storage unit will allow you to expand your business without moving to new premises. By using your unit to store non-essential items, you can free up space for more staff or additional equipment.” I have never had a business storage unit befoe but I can imagine how helpful one can be when it comes to storing things away that are not being used at that time.

  3. Baxter Abel

    I didn’t realize that most storage facilities were pretty flexible on leasing and contracts. I also didn’t realize that most storage facilities offer 24 hour access! I’ll be sure to pass this information on to my friend who is looking for storage ideas for his business.

  4. Scott

    I like that you point out that a storage unit is a secure area. I can see why this would be nice if you need to store something that is expensive or rare. My uncle likes to collect rare books. I’ll have to ask him how he stores them.

  5. Max Jones

    I think we could definitely benefit from a self storage unit! We aren’t starting a business at the moment, but life has had us collecting all sorts of things that we simply don’t have room for right now. I think that having a secure, low risk self storage unit would be huge for us to be able to reclaim our home! Thanks for sharing this information!

  6. Kylie Dotts

    I like how you brought up the point that storage unit complexes offer a lot more security than an office or home does. When my mom made the move to an assisted living center she left most of her heirlooms and other valuables to me and my family to look after. We just moved though, and we don’t have much space available to keep those things with us. If the security is better in a storage unit I think we may have to look at renting one so we can have a bit more space inside of our home for our own property.

  7. Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for your comment about how most storage unit businesses are flexible as too reserving space. I like how you said that keeping your belongings in a place like this is a good idea because they will be protected and watched over by cameras and surveillance. My parents have been thinking about storing their summer belongings in a unit during the winter months.

  8. Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I are in the process of moving to a new house and are thinking about storing our stuff in a storage unit until we can get settled. I like that you suggest finding a facility with heavy locks and cameras. I want my stuff to be safe so finding a place like this would put my mind at ease. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Persephone de Vito

    It was really nice how you added “accessibility” in the benefits of having a storage unit for business purposes. Like you said, most storage units offer 24-hour access as well as a convenient location, so in the case that I need to retrieve anything, I can do it whenever I want to. My brother and I have started our own business, and we don’t have much room in the building for some large items and equipment. I think it’s for the best that we rent storage units for now. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Todd Stauffer

    I like how you said that a commercial storage unit is easy to use because it is on a contract that can be renewed regularly. This seems like it would be a great thing to do if you were downsizing or moving locations to something bigger. That way you know where all of your equipment is and you can take your time moving.

  11. Rosie Beckett

    My husband’s work is thinking of getting a business storage unit and you make a great point that it can help to free up space in the office for more staff or additional equipment. This would be a large benefit because they want clients to have a great first impression when they come in the office and having a storage unit will help the office look less cluttered and more organized. Also, I will make sure to tell my husband to find a storage unit with a full-time security staff.

  12. Rosie Beckett

    My husband’s business is planning to move to a smaller office space and they are thinking of getting a storage unit for some of the items that will not fit in the new office. You make a great point that a storage unit will have a lot of security and I will make sure to look for a unit that has video cameras and heavy locking doors. I think that this will definitely give my husband peace of mind that his business items will be kept safe.

  13. Mark Murphy

    I really appreciate your tip on how self-storage units can be very flexible as to reserving space. My wife and I are moving soon and we want to make sure that we don’t damage any of my wife’s collectibles in the shuffle. Do these benefits apply to both personal self-storage units as well as business ones?

  14. Amy Winters

    Thanks for pointing out that if you find a storage facility that offers 24 hour access, it’s basically as convenient as having your own on-site storage but for a much lower cost. I have quite a few things that could go into storage, but it’s hard for me to part with things knowing I won’t have access to them whenever I want. I think finding a 24 hour storage unit would give me the peace of mind I need, so thanks for suggesting it!

  15. Kit hannigan

    I really like what you said about how your stuff will be safe in self-storage facilities since they have full-time security staff and surveillance cameras to keep thieving hands away. My son is moonlighting as a photographer to su[pplement his income. However, he does not have a lot of space to store all of his gear back at home. Those things would cost around a thousand dollars a piece, I think, so he should really benefit from the self-storage facilities’ rigid security systems.

  16. Thomas Westgren

    I like how you said that you can get special deals from self-storage rental by extending how long you keep it. My wife and I have recently received a lot of stuff and we don’t have enough space in our house to keep it all. We’ll have to look for a self-storage unit so we can keep all of our stuff in one place without spending too much.

  17. Olivia Pearson

    I appreciate how you mentioned that self-storage units are beneficial because they offer security for your property. My husband and I are needing to move, and during the transition we don’t have room for the couch my grandma gave us as a wedding gift. We’ll have to find a self-storage unit in our area that can allow us to keep it safe while it doesn’t fit in our home so we can access it later when we need it.

  18. Colin

    Is what you store in a self-storage unit important in selecting units? Of course, there is paper and that but are there restrictions on what you can store or is that at the discretion of the storage facility owners?

  19. Thomas Westgren

    I really like how you said that self-storage units are often leased for short terms. This would be really helpful if you are between new houses or apartments and need a place to keep some of your stuff. That way you don’t have to worry about hauling it all over with you while you are moving.

  20. Michael Lee

    We have been thinking about getting some self-storage units for our business. As you said, it would allow us to easily expand. This is good since changing locations is not currently an option.

  21. Ethan Hansen

    I found it interesting how you mentioned how secure storage units can be for business applications. My wife and I are moving into our new home and I am excited to move my office to a bigger room. However, we won’t be able to take all my office stuff in one trip along with our other belongings. I will keep this in mind as we search for a storage unit that can let me have peace of mind because of its security!

  22. Ethan Hansen

    I found it interesting how you mentioned how storage units can be a great way to store your products without sacrificing availability and ease of access because many services are available twenty-four hours a day. My son wants to start a business that sells home-crotcheted cat sweaters but he has quickly realized that he doesn’t have a place to store the excess yarn and molds. Because I want to help him succeed as a business owner, I will keep this in mind as we search for storage units that can help free up space in his office!

  23. Dean Phillips

    You made a great point when you said that most storage units are more secure than existing office spaces. My brother wants to start his own company that specializes in building custom phone cases for his customers, but he still needs to lease a building to open his store. It might be a good idea for him to utilize a storage unit until he finds one.

  24. Bree Ward

    It’s true that the business storage unit is perfect for corporate files as they have superb security features. As you’ve said that are equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring with heavy locks and security guards I think your article is very helpful to those companies who are planning to rent a storage unit for their files and important office stuff.

  25. Mia Stewart

    I like how the article explains that a storage unit can allow you to expand your business and not have to move to a different location because it gives you more space to store things. My husband and I have a simple business that we run from our home but recently our product has been in great demand and we need a bigger place to store the products before they get shipped out. Renting a storage unit would allow us to store the product there and not have to worry about moving our business to a different location.

  26. Elisabeth Southgate

    I like how you said that short term leases are often used, making storage units very convenient to get. My office is needing some storage space. I will have to pass this on to my boss.

  27. Callum Palmer

    I like the idea of having flexible storage. There would be a need for this for me. I’ll also check and see what other types they have and then go from there.

  28. Ashley Johnson

    I liked that you said that one benefit to using a storage unit is that they are typically secured by use of cameras or security guard. I have been trying to figure out what to do with my extra belongings since I don’t want to throw them away but I can store them in my home anymore. I will be sure to consider using a storage unit to put my belongings in since they are protected and will allow me to clean out my home.

  29. Oscar Morrison

    It’s good to know that this is a flexible option if we ever need the extra space temporarily. I had always thought of storage units as long term commitments, but our restaurant could use extra space for some of our machines while we re-design parts of our kitchen. I appreciate the insight, it’ll help us decide how to move our things around.

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