Teleseminar with Joshua Zerkel of Custom Living Solutions!

Clear Your Clutter, Increase Your Revenue: The 5 Essential Systems Every Small Business Needs To Gain More Freedom and More Income
in Less than 30 Days

January 22, 2008, 5:00 PM PST

Lost that contract your client gave you, misplaced that important email for ‘immediate’ review in your overflowing inbox, forgotten meetings and spent days where not one thing is crossed off your ‘to do’ list… you need to an organized work space, but the thought is overwhelming and you don’t know where to even start.  Learn the essential small business organizing systems that will gain you more time and money!!!


Like most small businesses, you got work and you got started.  You didn’t spend a lot of time setting-up your ideal environment.  Now the piles are piling up.  A usable and effective work setting systematically eases tracking the details and lets you focus on critical business at hand.   Joshua Zerkel is going to present the essentials to achieve maximum productiveness and effectiveness in your small business!

If you feel your lack of organization is preventing you from working to your potential, this free teleseminar is for you!

Join SOHO organizing specialist, Joshua Zerkel on January 22, 2008, 5:00 PM PST for a unique teleseminar that will help you identify the right systems to de-clutter your office and optimize your money-making business efforts.

In this Teleseminar you will:

•    Identity the right personal workspace and understand what’s necessary to create it
•    Learn how to establish effective file management systems—both paper and electronic—that work for you
•    Discover time management tools and tricks to better organize and prioritize your day
•    Understand the pitfalls of procrastination and multi-tasking and learn how to successfully avoid them

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Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organizer ®, is a SOHO organizing expert who specializes in helping clients maximize their creativity and productivity in their small and home offices. For more FREE organizing ideas, visit or call 415-830-6345.

Change your business in a big way!  Sign up today to reserve your spot in this information-rich teleseminar and learn how you can leverage these organizing systems maximize your results.  Remember there is no cost to participate!  Participation is limited to 200 lines.

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