This is Your Brain on the Computer

sprout2I’ve often wished that I could get my computer to think the way I do,
and organize information within my mind’s own paradigm, but by and
large computers force us to adapt our way of thinking to how they have
been designed. Sure, there are many ways to customize your preferences
and get things more to your liking, but beyond that, the computer is
essentially meant to be used a certain way.

While at Macworld, I found an interesting little application that was
tucked away in one of the show’s corners, called PersonalBrain. This
program lets you create mind maps that are as large or small as you
like, and lets you attach files, images, web pages, and more to your
individual “thoughts” – thus linking your files in a way that feels
natural to how you’d think about them (a basic tenet of organizing).
Pretty neat.

PersonalBrain comes in both paid and free versions. Check it out at

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