Use Less Ink with the Ecofont

Virtually every home office I enter has a printer, and every printer
uses either ink or toner, which ounce for ounce is more expensive than
gasoline! Of course, printer manufacturers make a ton of money off of
ink sales, and most printers are automatically set to use the maximum
amount of ink to expedite your need to buy replacement cartridges.
There are ways to reduce the amount of ink your printer uses by
changing the settings in your printer’s control panel, but what if
changing the font you print with could also save you some ink?

The design collective SPRANQ has developed a new font which they say
uses less ink, due to the fact that the font is essentially hollow –
it has an outline, and instead of the center being solid, it has
holes. These holes don’t need ink, which thereby saves on the precious
liquid by a factor of 20%, according to SPRANQ.

The Ecofont is free to download and use. Learn more about it at this link:

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