Why Print When You Can Bookmark?

Printing web pages or emails can be a waste of paper, especially when the information is easily saved on the computer for you.

Fight the impulse to print web pages or emails—the information is already saved for you.

Computer screenComputers were supposed to solve the “paper problem”—or so we were led to believe. In reality, computers tend to generate far more paper than they conserve—the article you printed out, the emails you decided to make hard copies of, etc. I’ve found that many people who print out information from the internet and email do not really have a clear idea of why they are printing it out, other than that they are saving it “for later.” Nor do they have a specific place to put this printed information, so it tends to end up buried under a pile or hidden in a drawer.

Here’s a handy guideline for managing the impulse to print: print web pages or emails ONLY when you know exactly where they are going—if you can’t answer that question, then there’s no need to have a hard copy. Instead, create a system of bookmarks in your web browser which will help you find the articles that you’d like to read or refer to later. You can create bookmarks by topic, by site, by date… whatever makes the most sense for your purposes. Likewise, as an alternative to printing out emails, create folders in your email program to store your old email messages, or offload them onto a CD or removable disk.

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2 Responses to “Why Print When You Can Bookmark?”

  1. Copywriter Tom Bruein

    I’ve had all my bookmarks in Delicious, which is now begin acquired from Yahoo by AVOS.
    If I want to switch to a new bookmarking method, what do you recommend? I use Gmail and the toolbar, so that’s an option. But what about importing them all to Evernote? Your the king of Evernote, so would you recommend that? Thanks!

  2. Joshua Zerkel

    Evernote is a great tool for capturing not just bookmarks, but the actual clips or portions of the web pages that you’re looking to hold onto. Once they’re in Evernote, you can then easily organize and manage them from there. What’s great about keeping this sort of information in Evernote, rather than just bookmarking, is that you don’t have to worry that any links you’ve bookmarked may stop working.

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