A New Portable Scanner Takes a Unique Approach

Finally going paperless is a goal many of us share – and starting now, at the beginning of the year, is a way to get your systems off on the right foot.

Of course, there are dozens of tools out there to help you transform your paper into digital files. A new entrant in the field is the SimpleScan line of scanners from DCT. DCT has been behind the scenes of many other scanners and scanning solutions on the market, and recently launched their own branded line of scanners, one of which they generously sent me to test.

Similar to other portable scanners like the NeatReceipts, Doxie, and Fujitsu ScanSnap portable scanners, the SimpleScan SP is powered directly from your computer, so it’s a perfect companion when you travel with your laptop computer. The SimpleScan SP scans a single side of a document, while the SimpleScan DP scans both sides at once. Both are available in white and black, and come with a couple of unique accessories, including stands that allow you to choose horizontal or vertical arrangement, as well as a snap-on feeder that returns your document to you once it’s passed through the scanner.

While many scanners come with software to help you organize your documents, SimpleScan takes a different approach. Assuming (probably correctly) that you already have a number of places where your documents live, SimpleScan installs just a driver on your computer, then scans directly to the SimpleScan Connect website. Once there, you can send your documents directly to services like Evernote, Google Drive, eFax, QuickBooks, Expensify, and more. Companion SimpleScan apps for iOS and Android let you manage your scanned docs while on the go. Rather than first scanning documents to your computer than manually uploading, the ability to quickly get your docs into the document management or productivity service of your choice is a real timesaver.

SimpleScan Connect

To provide an additional level of security, SimplesScan Connect uses OAuth to integrate with your other cloud services. That way, SimpleScan never needs to know your logins/passwords to other services that it’s connecting to.

The portable scanner market is a crowed one with a number of solid entrants. SimpleScan does a good job differentiating its line of scanners with unique accessories and software. I can see it becoming even more useful as more services get added to the SimpleScan Connect service, giving you even more flexibility as to where you can send your documents.

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