3 Steps to Going Paperless

Digitizing and scanning your papers can free up space and make finding your information easier. Here’s three ideas for how to get started.

Profitable Productivity Podcast: Ep 01 – Reducing Paper Clutter

In our first podcast episode, learn how to streamline paper management by reducing the amount of paper you have.

Manage Your Paper and Maximize Efficiency

To stay on top of your paper, you’ll need a system for dealing with paper throughout its lifecycle.

4 Steps for Clearing Out Paper Clutter

Reduce the amount of paper coming into your life, weed out the papers already piled up, and consider electronic options before you put more paper in the world.

Organizing Details – What to do with Receipts

Receipts – everyone has them, but nobody wants them. As with most things organizing-related, most of us are never really taught what to do with those pesky slips of paper, so they tend to get pretty messy and out of control. Here are a few ideas for how to deal with receipts: Don’t take them…. READ MORE

3 Steps to Going Paperless

One of my areas of specialty in my productivity and organizing consulting work is paper management – helping my clients determine the best ways to process, manage and store the paper in their lives and in their work. I actually enjoy working with paper and processing information (hey, I’m a professional organizer, right?), but I… READ MORE

4 Ways to Find Hidden Money by Getting Organized

Clearing out clutter and getting more organized can have a wide variety of benefits in your work and in your life – from enjoying your space more, to helping you be more effective and productive (among many others).  One frequently-overlooked benefit of getting organized is that it can actually save you money.  In addition to… READ MORE

4 Ways to Spend Less Time Processing Paper

Being a Certified Professional Organizer, I actually enjoy working with paper – I know, I’m strange! Even so, I don’t want to spend too much time on it; like you, I have many other tasks on my to-do list. One of my big goals for 2010 is to reduce the amount of paper that I… READ MORE

Getting Paper Documents into Google Docs

Google Docs is a great service which lets you keep store, share, and edit your key documents online. But if you have paper documents, it’s been hard to get them online and into your Google Docs repository – until now. Enter ScanDrop, a new app from the folks at OfficeDrop. Working with the scanner you… READ MORE

Spring Cleaning Project – 4 Steps for Clearing Out Paper Clutter

For many of us, spring is the time when a certain activity comes to mind – the annual clearing out of clutter that collects in our homes and offices. While it’s easy to focus on getting rid of “stuff” clutter – actual physical things – it’s important to look for ways to clear out the… READ MORE

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