3 Things No Small Business Owner Can Afford to Do Without

Three things small business owners simply can’t afford to overlook: data security, business insurance, and… a label maker!

Office Supply Checklist

No office should be without these basic supplies—make this your standard office supply store checklist.

Cloud-Scanning Smackdown: NeatCloud vs. Shoeboxed

NeatCloud and Shoeboxed are both great options to help you go paperless – but they have significant differences. Which one is right for you?

Easily Inventory Your Belongings at Home or at the Office

Using the right software, you can quickly and easily inventory the contents of your home or office – a critical piece of recordkeeping.

3 Steps to Going Paperless

One of my areas of specialty in my productivity and organizing consulting work is paper management – helping my clients determine the best ways to process, manage and store the paper in their lives and in their work.

Tips for Choosing the Right Desk

It’s important to chose a desk that fits your needs and keeps you organized!

Create a Work Zone-and Stay There!

Creating a work zone and staying there is essential to increasing productivity.

Setting Boundaries for Your Small Business

Staying organized with your time, personal life, and business is about setting boundaries.

Working from Home: Pros and Cons

Does working for yourself mean working from home?

You Don’t Have to Shred Alone

With shredding, you have options that can be a handy solution to figuring out what to do with documents no longer of use.

Two Easy Ways to Stay Clutter Free

Combat clutter with short and long term strategies.

3 Steps to Going Paperless

Digitizing and scanning your papers can free up space and make finding your information easier. Here’s three ideas for how to get started.

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