Do’s and Don’ts for Filing Your Business Taxes Online

Yup. Tax time again. How can you be most prepared when filing your taxes online?

What to do with Receipts Now That Tax Time is Over

Tips for storing—or better yet, scanning—your tax-related papers.

Organizing Your Personal Finances: 4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Receipts, Statements, and Bills

One of my top requests as a Professional Organizer is to help clients organize their personal and business finances.

Organizing for Taxes

Take the stress out of tax time with a few simple tips!

4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Receipts, Statements, and Bills

Organize receipts, bills and statements: gather them in one place, sort them into tax and non-tax categories, create dedicated storage, and track your finances.

Financial Papers: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Knowing about retention guidelines can help you determine when to get rid of old tax-related documents and allow a helpful guideline in managing these files.

Tax Time… in October? 4 Steps for Trouble-Free Tax Prep

It’s not too early to start getting organized for taxes due next Spring, here are some ways to make this process move along smoothly.

Spare Yourself the Tax-Time Headaches: Set Up an Easy System for Sorting Receipts

Having a system for managing receipts and other financial expenses is essential if you are audited, here’s how to prepare by tracking your invoices and receipts.

4 Top Year-End Organizing Tips

The final month of the year is here, and for many of us, it’s a time of wrapping things up before the new year rolls around. This year, as part of your year-end wrap-up, consider taking a few moments to revisit the systems that serve you every day, and see if you can improve them…. READ MORE

Organizing for Taxes

When preparing to process your taxes make sure to plan in advance, record your expenses, and keep everything together to ensure a smooth and manageable tax season.