Keep Your Frequent Flier Miles Organized with MilePort

logo_mileport1I travel quite a bit – 10 trips in 2008 alone – and I like to rack up as many frequent flier miles as I can. While each airline and rewards program has its own website for keeping track of how many points you have, if you have more than a few affinity programs it can be tough staying on top of the total picture of all your mileage balances. In the past few years, it’s become increasingly important to keep a close eye on your miles, as many airlines have instituted ever-shortening expiration dates for miles unless there is activity on the account.
Managing the task of centralizing all your frequent flier and rewards program information is one of my favorite little programs, MilePort, which is produced for free by and DeskPort Technologies.

Essentially, MilePort is like Quicken for your Mileage programs – you enter your account information into its database, and it retrieves all your information at once so you can easily review your balances. It is able to retrieve information about most programs (over 100), so chances are you’ll find your airline’s program in there.

MilePort is a great program that does one thing and does it well. Get it at
Of course, redeeming those frequent flier and reward program points is a post for another day…

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