More Efficient Printing with HP Smart Web Printing

savepaperdI try not to print things out – usually it’s a waste of paper, ink, and time – but when I do, it’s irksome when I try to print a web page and it comes out with wonky formatting, prints the entire page background image, or worse – the part of the page I actually want just doesn’t print. If you’ve ever tried to select part of a web page and paste it into your word processing application of choice, you’ve probably found out that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Wouldn’t it be great if things just printed how you expected them to?

Well, someone at HP thought this would be great too, and now HP offers the free HP Smart Web Printing application to help ease your internet printing woes. With this little Windows app, you can select just the areas of the page you want to print, can combine multiple pages into one printable page, and remove or resize the graphics on a page to save ink. It’s’ kind of surprising that HP, who makes a ton of money off of ink sales, would offer a tool that can help save ink, but I’m not complaining.

Check out the HP Smart Web Printing tool at

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