Making More Time in the Day

You’re not a magician, so making time means re-prioritizing.

Aside from whipping out the old magic wand, you can’t really create more time in the day. But what you can do is make sure that you’re spending your time effectively. One of the things to do is to start saying NO to things that are not priorities for you, so that you have time left over to say YES to things that are. Typically when I work with clients and we are talking about time management, we take an assessment of how they are spending their day, and all too often I see that they are doing low-priority things that are foisted on them.

Finding “more” time in the day requires you to take a serious look at all the tasks you have in front of you on a given day. Can you delegate any of them to someone else? Can you remove yourself from tasks or projects that you are no longer responsible for? Can you group similar tasks together in order to shave off the amount of time required for each? Until you really look at your calendar and see what is possible to remove, you can’t add anything new without creating a lot of stress.

There is no simple way to create more time, but there are ways to remove or compress some of the things that are on your calendar so that some of your time is freed up for the things you want to do with your time.

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