The Cost of Being Disorganized

Consider how much time you spend being disorganized—looking for files, emails, phone numbers, etc.—and multiply that by your hourly billing rate: that is the cost of disorganization.

Stacks of coinsBelieve it or not, your clutter impacts your bottom line.

If you’re in business, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to save time and money. Getting organized can help you do just that. So let us first look at how much being disorganized is costing you. Whether you’re extremely disorganized or even just a little, any time you waste looking for things that are lost in your computer, on your desk, or in your space costs you money. Getting organized increases efficiency, and greater efficiency means greater productivity.

Let’s look at a formula to see how much disorganization is costing you.

* On average, how many hours a week do you spend being disorganized? Maybe it’s half an hour looking for files; maybe it’s another hour searching through your phone records or email inbox.

* What is your hourly billing rate (i.e., how much you charge clients per hour)?

* Multiply your hourly billing rate by the number of hours per week you’re spending being disorganized. That’s how much being disorganized is costing you per week.

* Now take that number and multiply it by 52: That’s how much disorganization is costing you over the entire year. It’s probably a pretty scary number! Whatever the amount, wouldn’t you rather spend your time generating income rather than losing it by being disorganized?

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