Why Get Organized? 3 Reasons to Start Now

Being organized makes you more productive, saving you time and money; makes the most of your storage space; and makes you feel empowered and more professional.

Woman Using Laptop and Talking on Cell PhoneSave time, money, and space—and feel in control of your life.

Before you spend time with the how of getting organized, let’s talk about why you want to get organized in the first place.

1. Getting organized saves you time and money. Being disorganized costs you money—simply put, time spent looking for what you need is time wasted. Getting organized saves you time and money by making you more efficient and more productive.

2. Getting organized saves space. If you’re working out of your home or you’re in a relatively small office, every inch of your workspace is at a premium. You want to make sure that you’re making the most of your storage and your space. When you’re organized you’ll know where all of your things are; they’ll be put away in a way that makes sense for you to access them, use them, and return them to their proper place. You will be maximizing your investment in your space.

3. Getting organized empowers you. Getting organized makes you feel in control and more empowered in your work life. When you know where your things are; when you know how your schedule is going to go for the day; when you’re able to easily find a piece of paper when a client calls you—that is empowering. It makes us feel more professional. And when we feel empowered and we feel more professional, we do our best work and are able to serve our clients at our very best.

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