The Cost of Disorganization

The real cost of being disorganized may surprise you.

Think about how many hours a week you spend being disorganized. Maybe it is half an hour looking for papers; maybe it is a few hours trying to search through your phone records. On average, how many hours a week do you spend being disorganized and waste on lost productivity? Write that number down. Then write down how much your hourly billing rate is; how much you charge clients per hour. Then we can figure out your total cost of being disorganized per week. Simply multiply your hourly billing rate times the number of hours per week that you spend being disorganized. That will give you how much being disorganized costs you on a weekly basis. Next, take that number and multiply it times 52. That number will give you how much disorganization is costing you over the entire year. Probably a pretty scary number! Even if it is relatively small, wouldn’t you rather be generating that income rather than losing it by being disorganized and unproductive?

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